Don't Rent a Car...

Ride a Zebra

Stand Out From The Herd
The Easiest Way To Explore
Your time is valuable. Skip the lines, the paperwork, and the hassle. Just grab your Zebra and go - it's as simple as that.
Less Money, More Travel
If you want to save money for your trip, why spend a fortune on a rental car?
Tech Forward & Fresh
You have the whole world in your pocket, except an easy way to explore. Book online or in-app, then grab and go.
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Zebra Now
It's time for a new way to explore. Travel too often comes with slow, boring, and clunky processes. No matter where you're from or where you're going, we can all agree that it's time for less paperwork, less waiting, less hassle, and more fun. Don't rent a car... ride a Zebra.
People Are Talking...
Kathleen Brown
Zebra was an affordable option. I looked into rental car companies and many of them would have left my bank account crying without much flexibility. This company was willing to work with you, very accommodating. The experience was hassle free and budget approved. I’ll definitely be going with Zebra again and recommend it to anyone who needs to rent a car the right way.
Ariel T.
Los Angeles
The Zebra team was AMAZING! Their communication was instant and helpful, they were kind, and the company is just awesome! Their options definitely made my wallet happy and my head as well (no stress, no confustion)! I definitely recommended Zebra.
Emily G.
It was great and super easy! Loved the valet experience too and so frictionless. Great price!
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